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Gray Matters

Brain Injury: The Inside Perspective


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“A timeless treasure!”


"Uplifting, humorous, it will make you ponder..."


"Brings wisdom, encouragement and comfort."


"More than just poetry, the realities of the disability are inherent in the writings"


  • The goal of Gray Matters is for you to get a sense of what it is like to walk in the shoes of a brain injury survivor.  It helps survivors and those who care about them, better understand the realities of this condition. Gray Matters communicates more than just a cerebral library of information, the book conveys a feeling of the devastations of injury and the glories of recovery.

Book Reviews:

Nurse and daughter of a stroke survivor

Clinical Psychologist

Jaw Doctor




"I turned my Aphasia into an art!"


Gray Matters serves to poetically articulate

the Silence of Brain Injury.