I've walked the walk,

now let's you and I talk.




  • Identify your new normal
  • Understand and cope with challenges
  • Accommodate for difficulties
  • Empower with positive attitudes
  • Emotional Medicine
  • Strategize new ways of being and relating
  • Develop social skills
  • Become a better communicator
  • Alleviate depression
  • Have more fun
  • Go after what you want
  • Achieve your goals
  • Discover hidden talents
  • Build sense of Self
  • Get motivated
  • Reinvent your life

Brain Injury Life Coach


Heidi Lerner  M.A.

Special Education-Brain Injury

Works with Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injuries


Heidi Lerner is a thriver after a severe Traumatic Brain Injury. She has lived half of her life learning to cope with the inherent complications of her condition and has been taking small, yet meaningful, proactive steps at living her life with gusto.


Heidi is a calm and smiling spirit. She loves animals and nature. She truly enjoys helping other brain injury survivors.






    "Heidi is such a gentle soul, and she cares...."

    • "Heidi is insightful and is great at getting to the crux of matters. She helps you...."


  • "Heidi has a way of identifying people's strengths and really motivating others to succeed in their rehab..."


sessions designed uniquely for you

• Keep a smiling attitude
• Train your mind to give positive self-talk
• Listen to your inner voice
• Pay attention to cues your body is giving you
• Become sensitive to your instincts
• Discover and awaken hidden talents
• Allow yourself to go after what you truly want
• Set goals to pursue your desires
• Be held accountable in your pursuit
• Establish more self-respect
• Re-chart your course!



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