I've walked the walk,

now let's you and I talk.

We offer support to:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Group as a Community
  • Peer support is available through:
    Support groups, and personal Coaching.


Brain Injury Support Groups
- Feel supported and encouraged


* Be with others who can understand you
* Exchange information, feelings and personal experiences
* Be encouraged by others who have overcome similar difficulties
* See that you are not in on this alone
* Feel less isolated and more empowered to deal with daily challenges
* Come to be grateful for what you’ve got and how far you’ve come
* Express yourself and be heard

* Exchange and strengthen your attitude
* Find direction for your uncertainties
* Learn new strategies
* Communicate
* Feel useful by contributing and bringing meaning to others
* Better understand and manage the affects of your injury
* Practice socializing
* Enhance your interpersonal skills
* Feel better able to cope with your injury
* Develop your self-confidence and
* Enrich your motivation to persevere



Why attend a Brain Injury Support Group?


Gray Matters Support Groups presents
interesting topics, some fun and
an environment where you will feel at home!


Heidi Lerner facilitates a support group for people living in the community with brain injuries. She helps participants come to better understand and manage their symptoms of injury. Heidi creates a trusting, fun-loving social atmosphere, one in which participants feel comfortable socializing with others that have similar experiences and concerns. Attenders of Gray Matters Support Group feel that what they have to say is valued and that their input helps others.

In the group, Heidi helps survivors develop interpersonal skills, improve communication, as well as boost self-confidence. Personal empowerment via self-advocacy is the tone of the group. We check in with everyone and problem solve when such support is needed. Participants share personal stories and successful solutions regarding problems associated with brain injury. The group helps participants to better accommodate for challenges, as is needed to improve one’s life. In this way, Gray Matters Support Group facilitates rehabilitation post-injury.